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Invest In A Website That Grows Your Business

We create a partnership to develop your digital footprint

Our website membership provides small to medium size companies the opportunity to take a fresh look at their business, determine what’s most important and craft their online presence.

What We're Known For

Beautiful, content-rich websites

TheGeekcomputer Team takes your branding, logo, colors, and typography to the drawing board to create a truly unique visual representation of what your company stands for.

Website Membership Program

Ongoing Support

By joining our website membership program your business receives more than just a website. You establish a partnership with Geekcomputer to further develop your online presence as your business grows.

Website Build Process

Design by Geekcomputer

1. Project Kickoff Workshop

Meet with the Launch Kit team to talk about the road ahead, review what materials we need from your team and discuss what pages are to be included in the sitemap.

2. Sitemap Graphic

The Geekcomputer team will create a graphic that visually shows what pages will be included in the site build. We will also check on the materials we need from you.

3. Beta Preview

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4. Beta Revision

Together, we will walk through the revised website design. Open to any remaining updates prior to launching the website.

5. Website Launch

The big day. We will update your domain information to point your URL to the new website. We don't mess with your email or servers.

6. Ongoing Updates

The Geekcomputer team is always here to provide support and make updates to your website, just send us an email and we'll get started.


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